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Recipes, recipes, and more recipes. Seems like I collect more from emails, newsletters, cookbooks and newspapers than I could make in my entire life… only a fraction of what I’ve collected are online so far. As time allows, I keep adding more of the ones that catch my eye. I like simple to make recipes, so most should be suitable for teens through the young at heart. As the saying goes, “If I am what I eat, I must be cheap, fast or easy”. Browse through my collection and feel free to email me some of yours.

What’s the scoop on “the poops”? If you’ve never seen these clever little “gifts”, this is a must see. A bit of the right candy and a poem that goes with, suddenly you’ve bestowed a treat of “Reindeer Poop”. It’s sure to be a conversation piece when attached to small gifts or placed next to each setting as a party treat.

Have a special person that’s feeling frazzled. Find the perfect survival kit to cheer up the day and provide a reminder that someone is thinking of them.

I love sharing all the sayings I collected over the years while crafting. You can use them for magnets, samplers, quilting, craft projects, or even just for email signatures.

To help you save a little of your budget (and hopefully your sanity), we frequently update ourĀ Helpful Articles page to list information for budgeting, remodeling, safety.

I periodically dabble in blogging. It’s been my resolution to update this section more often, letting you know about new site additions, featuring seasonal tips, links to other websites and anything I feel like pondering on.

Drop us a line if you seen a site you’d like to share, or suggest a season or topic for us to cover.

Happy Crafting